Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Altered People - Mixed Media Monday Challenge

OK, so I am sure this is not what they were thinking when they said Altered People. Since I have just not been in an inspired state of mind, my artistic side was not listening.... just my regular self was paying attention.. and when I started throwing that around in my head, Altered People, I started getting visions in my head of mutants and things like Pink Floyd's the Wall and their grinder, and Soilent Green....
But then it came, a blast from the past
It popped in my head, it popped in so fast
I thought of Dr. Seuss and his Sneetches with stars,
And I thought that was my best corny idea by far!

LOL, OK, I will quit with the silly poetry! Here is my creation:

I just want to thank Dr. Seuss for his contribution. I also want to let you know that no Sneetches were harmed in the making of this mixed media creation. I am hoping this sparks my imagination, and I will try to be more serious next time... maybe!

Thanks for visiting!

Peace & Love,


  1. fun take on the challenge, enjoyed reading about your creative process too!

  2. Gorgeous art piece!! Beautiful and fun.

  3. Humorous take on this weeks theme, fun and colourful artwork.

  4. This is a fun and clever interpretation of the theme - and no-one ever said we had to be serious, LOL! I'm a great Dr Seuss fan! Diane

  5. I loved it!! fantastic, fun and creative!!