Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another new ATC

After 2 days of jury duty, I had to come home and do something to relax! I spent 5 hours today arguing with 11 other people before we could come to a consensus on a verdict. I am not one who likes to argue... in fact it stresses me out to no end. But, I am glad we came to the conclusion we came to today, as I know it was the right one.

It was a suit over money. There was an automobile accident and one party was suing the other for damages. Actually, there were 3 parities involved in the accident. One of the parities was suing the one who was NOT at fault for causing it. The person who caused the accident had no money or insurance, so this person got sued. The lies I heard in the court room...WOW!

I am SO glad that it is over. When I got home, I created this ATC.

Theme Thursday's theme is Beautiful, so this fits right in!

Thanks so much for visiting!

Peace & Love-


  1. i love this one

  2. Really beautiful

  3. And still more of my favorite colors. This is truly lovely. Thanks for taking me there!!

  4. wonderful card, risa!! gorgeous!

  5. This is beautiful,I used to love blowing those when I was little.And I can so relate to you about jury duty,I had it about 6 weeks ago,I hated it,the case was DUI man slaughter,I had an anxiety attack when I was there so thankfully they did'nt pick me, I was just being questioned from the lawyers. I felt very free when I got to go home and could not wait to do ART!!I don't know how you did it! At least its over!

  6. Beautiful ATC and that is a wonderful background that you have created!
    Ali xx

  7. Wow, What a beautiful ATC - just fabulous Risa

  8. this is so beautiful! I love your blog!