Friday, March 20, 2009


Wow! I have a blog. But now that I have it, what do I write? What do I say? What do I share?

I think my main vision for what my blog will be is a place to share my "art". I have recently taken up painting with acrylics on canvas and I am loving it, learning, growing and getting better at it all the time. I did my first painting because I wanted to paint a picture for my father. Over the years, when we went places, he would always point out art that he liked and he would say to me "You could do that." He had more confidence in my abilities than I did. Maybe it is because he is not artistic and because he knows I am creative, he thought it would just come naturally. WRONG! But thanks to him, I did start painting, and I am truly loving it. So, today, on my first blog post, I will share with you the first 2 paintings that I did for him.

I know I have improved since these first paintings, but I thought I should show you from the beginning.

I also enjoy crafting, photography and writing poetry. Over time I am sure I will be sharing many types of projects with you, as well as more of my art.

Thanks for stopping in to read my first ever Blog post.

Check back periodically and join me on my creative journey within.

Peace & Love,


  1. WELCOME TO BLOGGING! I love your paintings (as you already know) and I know your posts will be fun & wonderful!

  2. A great way to display the wonderful art and creative talent you have always had!!!