Friday, April 17, 2009

Three different types of paintings & Art on the Darkside Challenge

I guess one day I will find my style. Until then, I am having fun doing a little bit of everything. Here are three paintings that I did using 3 totally different styles.

The first is mixed media on an 8x8 canvas board.

The second is acrylics on 6x8 canvas board.

The third is acrylics and I applied the tatoo butterfly with the gel transfer method. It was my first try with a gel transfer, so I think it turned out pretty good. I have looked at this one for about a week feeling like it was unfinished. I could never see what else I wanted to do with it, so I figured I would go ahead and share it. This one is good for the Art on the Darkside Tatoo Challenge.

Thank you for coming to see my art. Check back soon for more!
Peace & Love-


  1. These are all beautiful pieces Risa. Love that you are trying different medium to create such beautiful art! Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and keep creating no matter what!!!


  2. I really love the way you're trying different things! Personally, I think you do them all very well! All of your new pieces are beautiful and the sun is my favorite! Cherie

  3. It is really great to try different things! All work is wonderful!

  4. I love them all Risa, i especially like the peace one it reminds me of the 70's lol.
    Thanks also for entering the darkside challenge with your brilliant gel transfer. Its fab !!!
    I will add it to the sidebar
    Hugs June xxx