Thursday, May 28, 2009

Peace...after a VERY frustrating night.

Well, I did not create what I had planned on last night because my printer/scanner died. I did everything I know to do to try to fix it. But it is truly a gonner. I guess I should be thankful for the years of scanning and printing it did for me.... but I scan and print things daily, so it is VERY frustrating!!! So, since I could not print out some elements I needed to do the art I was going to create last night, I decided to go see a free screening of a movie my girlfriend had passes to.

We got there and the only seats left were front row... not my favorite spot, but we decided to stay. About 3/4 of the was through the movie, it stops. After a while, they finally came to check on the problem. Apparently the movie was on a blue-ray disk, and for whatever reason, the player was stuck. So, after playing with all the settings and everything, they decided to reboot the machine. When it came back on, they no longer knew where the movie had left off - SO, instead of starting at the beginning and fast forwarding their way to the point it left off - they went to the end of the movie and hit rewind. We sat there and watched the ending 1/4 of the movie in rewind mode. Then they screwed up and lost the place again, and started the rewind process over. Finally, they gave up and just started the movie at some unknown point. We missed probably 15 minutes of the movie that we never got to see because they did not rewind far enough. But there is just nothing like having a movie ruined for you when you are AT THE MOVIES!

So, when I got home I decided I was going to do some other art project since I could no longer print. I had these brads that looked like buttons, and I needed to take the brad part off so I could use the button part... so I cut off the little metal tab thingies and I was pushing the extra little metal pieces down that were left over, as I have done many times before, and they stuck right into my finger... and now I was bleeding, and the fabric covered button thingie was now blood red. So... I got some anti biotic ointment and a band-aid and gave up on that project.

So I decided to give up and play with my alcohol inks instead. I loved the way the dragonfly piece looked yesterday, so I did something similar on a about a 5x7 piece of glossy card stock.

This also fits with the Purple and Green- Wednesday Stamper Challenge as well as the Bright Colors-Crazy Amigo Challenge.
Yes, I have done other things with my alcohol inks... made some pretty backgrounds that I will use later on other projects.. but I just love the batik-like look of this. I love batik, and tie-dye. I love peace signs. I am just a hippie at heart, what can I say... always have been. I guess I was just born at the wrong time.

Well, I hope my Friday goes a lot better than my Thursday. Thanks for listening to my ramblings.

Peace & Love-


  1. Ew, that does sound like a frustrating night! My mom makes quilts, and sometimes she pokes her finger with the needle and leaves little specks of blood on the quilt. Hope today is turning out much better!

  2. I think Peace is always in style, but I hear what you are saying, being a hippie is a good thing + Love your peace offering Risa :)
    Hope your Friday is the beginning of a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hope you've sorted out the printer thing...and that movie!...what a debarcle!...but then you come home and do fab art work!

  4. You have made me smile, your story isl so frustrating and funny... thankfully that day is over and I hope today is a fabulous one for you... love your art! Roxanne

  5. Oh you poor thing, don't you hate days like that, it's like one thing goes wrong and then it just spirals from there. At least you tried to make things better and look what happened, you created a beautiful piece of art :)

  6. Beautiful and colourful piece!

  7. Beautiful colors!Love it.Sorry to hear about the scanner and the movie!

  8. Risa, what an upsetting day! Well, your AI background on this piece is bright and cheerful and really beautiful.