Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend art

This weekend I had a lot of time to work on my art. I spent half the day on Saturday and the whole day on Sunday working on some new things. I had a request from a friend for some Judaic art. I thought that would be an easy task... but I was SO wrong. I have a full trash can, a complete mess of an art room, and a dozen half done projects that hit the reject pile. It was incredibly frustrating. I was totally not feeling it. I could not got into the art groove as much as I tried and tried. But, at the end of the day yesterday I did end up with one finished piece that I actually like.

I started with a transparency and applied alcohol inks for a background. Once that was dry, I turned it over, and on the other side I drew 2 doves and the word Shalom in Hebrew (peace in English). Since I drew them in black, they just kinda disappeared into the background. I didn't like it, so I tossed it to the side. I worked on a bunch of other things that I did not like either, and then I came back to this. I pulled out my gesso, and painted over the doves and the Hebrew with it. Then I had white blobs, so I went back and outlined it all in black. Wow, it sure changed the way it looked! I actually like it!

Since this is literally done in layers, it works for Mixed Media Monday's challenge this week.

I am going to try to take a second look at some of the other things that hit the reject pile and see if I can't salvage some of it like I did this one. Hope your weekend was not as frustrating as mine!

On another note, yesterday was my buddy Connor's 2nd birthday, so I want to wish him a VERY Happy Birthday. Here is a picture of him in my back yard on the tire swing.

I also want to thank Lee for the use of his printer/scanner. Lee is always there for me when it comes to issues with my computer, and I appreciate his help so very much.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Peace & Love-


  1. Well, it sounds as if it went through a lot, but the end result is striking. Good work!

  2. Risa, first: Happy Birthday to little Connor!

    And then, I think your AI transparency is such a beautiful piece of art. Your friend will not be just pleased; she will be elated. This is gorgeous and shows your beautiful doves and Shalom off perfectly. I am most impressed that you painted the doves with gesso!!! Well done.

  3. Your attemps ended up with a beautiful piece. I do the same sometimes just can't get it together. Glad you kept trying !

  4. It's wonderful...don't you just love going back to a piece you thought was a goner and making something beautiful like this!

  5. Risa this is so pretty! I want to learn how to do transparencys. It's one of those things that's a wonderment to me! I'm so happy you had a day and a half to explore your art. That is pure bliss, isn't it?


  6. this is gorgeous, and even more so when you know how much work went into it!! I think we all have those times when it's just not working, but I'd be very happy to have got something like this out of the session, the outline really makes the birds pop out, it's really fab!!

  7. Risa, what a lovely piece! Thanks for participating in Mixed Media Monday. Diane

  8. Beautiful art! I love that inked background.
    x Natasha x