Friday, June 5, 2009


I have done 2 challenges in one, again. TGIF's Dream and Art Creations Friday's picture of the girl. And believe it or not, this was not a ready made scene that I plopped her into. I started with the girl, then added bricks, then added a window, and then added shutters, one at a time, then the flower box and then flowers and then the fence, one section at a time (there are 4 sections), and then of course the quote.... I guess even all those steps sound simple... I had fun thinking it up and finding all the parts, and getting the right shades of grey so they all went well together. I think it would make a great greeting card, or framed print.

Tomorrow I am going to the American Institute of Architecture's Sandcastle contest in Galveston. The sandcastles they do are incredible. Truly works of art. I work at an engineering firm and my boss is having me go down and promote our company. After the promoting is done, I will get to enjoy the sandcastles and the day...

I was thinking I might even take some inspiration from Pat and go looking for some mermaids tears when my job is done... I have been wanting to ever since I found her blog. I will let you know if I find any.

Thanks for visiting!

Peace & Love,


  1. This is incredible, Risa. How you constructed the piece is really amazing. It's beautiful and it would make a very nice card.

    The sandcastle contest sounds so cool. I'll bet my Houston daughter is going to be there, not as a participant, but as an observer.

  2. Wow this is unbelievable.
    Wondeful design and work.
    Thanks Risa for your dream to TGiF.

  3. this is amazing, I could never do this so don't think it ever sounds simple!! LOL
    love the grey and black and the quote is perfect.
    the sandcastles sound amazing too, enjoy your day!! :)

  4. This is absolutely brilliant. I'm just an inky stamper, so I got lost before stage 2 lol. Have a fab day playing in the sand :o) x

  5. Beautiful. I hope you find many mermaid's tears!!!!

  6. Love this design, and the quote is fabulous - I'll have to save it!

  7. Really incredible ,it looks like a ton of work, enjoy those sandcastles! sounds like a wonderful day! Thanks for playing along

  8. Hi Risa, i love how your built this one of bit by bit and its perfect for the challenge. a fab result. I am gonna add myself to follow you great blog. thanks for your kind comments on my work too
    Hugs June xxx

  9. Thanks for sharing how you created this - and I was really taken by the sandcastle competition - what fun!

  10. this is wonderful Risa!!!! wow!!!

    thanks for popping by and leaving the sweet Anniversary wishes...we had a wonderful weekend away!!!


  11. fabulous piece...and when i read the quote i got quite misty's beautiful and something that i needed to be reminded of...thank you...

  12. This is a fabulous piece, Risa! I love it. i hope the sandcastles were fun to watch.
    I love the quote on your piece as well. Wonderful statement.

    Talk to you later!!!

  13. I love your digital creation. It is so much fun to see what everyone has done. I really love how you used the window. I am a window and door freak. The quote is really nice also!!