Monday, March 23, 2009

My first try at pastels

During one of my visits to Hobby Lobby I decided to pick up some oil pastels. I had never used them before, and really had no idea what I would use them for. They sat in my craft box for about 6 months. Then one day I pulled them out and decided to see what I could do with them. Here are my creations:

This was my first one, just trying to figure out how to blend the colors and get a feel for how to work with them.

This was #2, which Kai says looks like Christmas, exploded! When she gets done with her move she can hang it at her new place to add to her joy of Christmas year round!

This is #3. I actually went out and bought a larger pack of pastels because I wanted more colors!

I did also have a set of chalk pastels that I took out and made one picture with:

Jenny came over one day and she really liked it, so I sent it home with her!

Those are my pastel drawings. I am sure I will re-visit the land of pastels sometime soon because I really enjoyed working with them... I liked blending it all together with my fingers. Very hands on, and fun!

Well, check back tomorrow, there is still more catching up with my art to do!
Peace & Love,

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  1. I LOOOOOVE the muted look of the one you gave Jenny! Very pretty & soft as tho' I am seeing it through light fabric. I think the middle one would also make a GORGEOUS quilt. If I could sew (sigh) I'd try to replicate it as a quilt! LOL! And - I STILL get the FIRST ONE???? Wooooohoooooooo! THANK YOU! I didn't think I would because you already gave me the OTHER amazing painting! My new house is going to be GORGEOUSLY decorated thanks to you!