Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We are all caught up!

These 3 paintings make up the latest ones I have done, and complete my body of work thus far. I guess that means once I get these posted, I had better get to work! These are all three done in acrylics.

This first one is my favorite painting that I have done so far!

Well, OK, I admit, a little tracing was involved here, but it came out nicely!

On this one I just could not seem to get a good photo. There is not that much red in the painting. It is really all shades of purple, but this is the best of the MANY photos I took, so I decided to go ahead and post it. I started by painting the canvas purple. Then used masking fluid for the dragonflies. And then swirled the different purples around it. Then removed the fluid, and this is what I got! It was fun since I had never used masking fluid before, it was a brand new thing for me!

So that gets us all caught up with my paintings, so I had better go paint some more! Thank you for visiting and come back often!

Peace & Love-

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  1. Well now! You KNOW which is MY favorite! LOL! But Risa, all three are amazing! LOVE the dragonflies. I need to check out masking fluid! Hmmmm ... more things on my 'try this product' list! You are constantly growing as an artist!